Episode 79 - Ian Edwards

January 21, 2018

Ian Edwards and Jon talked about Ian's start in stand up comedy, writing on shows, influences in stand up, the women's march, the me too movement, cleveland and cities with crazy sports fans, Trump vs Hillary, and more! @ianedwardscomic


Episode 78 ft. JC

January 19, 2018

Jon and Jenna are together and talk about transgender, white people taking racism, Logan Paul, finstagrams, people that try to force conversations, people who don't like mainstream stuff for the fact it's mainstream, and more. @jcouchma


Episode 77 ft. Aleksa Camur

January 19, 2018

Aleksa calls in to talk about UFC 220. The guys talked about who they think will win between Stipe vs Francis, Aleksa talks about training with Stipe, his upcoming fights, why it's important to have your friends talk shit, and more. @aleksa_camur


Episode 76 ft. Brian Moreno

January 15, 2018

Brian and Jon talk tons of stand up comedy. They talked about Brian being an alien, LA, Ohio, and New York comedy, how Brian got into doing stand up after open mic nights, the weird time we live in where everyone gets offended by everything, Brian's influences in comedy, getting that "f*ck you" money, a woman that wanted him to be her son, and more. @morenothealien


Episode 75 ft Jose “Shorty” Torres

January 13, 2018

Jon is joined today by Titan FC Fly and Bantamweight champ champ, Jose "Shorty" Torres. The guys talked about inspiration, why he's not signed in the UFC, goals, not 1 not 2...but 3 Chicago murals, training sessions, UFC220, and more. @joseshortytorres


Episode 74 ft. JC

January 7, 2018

Jon and Jenna talk about short attention spands and Facebook ads, commercials, Netflix, looking at poop, recap the Steve-O show, talk about different shows and places, upcoming things, and of course...they bickered back and fourth. @jcouchma


Episode 73

January 3, 2018

Jon is back from New York City and recaps the trip and a new years eve to forget (he doesn't remember much), talks about new years, new years resolutions, and more! It's 2018 and we're going to be more disrespectful than ever! Let's grow this thing!


Episode 72

December 27, 2017

Jon recaps Christmas, talks about best vs worst gifts, eating early, pretending you like bad gifts, judging other people's gifts, "bought myself a Christmas present" people, "new year new me" people, and people entirely too excited about the new year. Enjoy. Subscribe. Share.


Episode 71

December 22, 2017

Happy holidays everyone! I talked about Starbucks, Dr Phil, Christmas music, Michael Buble, gym chronicles, Pizza Hut girl that got fired, I roast Ben and Al, and much more! Enjoy guys πŸ˜‰πŸŽ„


Episode 70

December 19, 2017

I recorded this on top of a cliff, I talked about A Christmas Story vs The Santa Clause, Christmas stress, money, what happens when you go on hikes, Jack Frost (the sad one), and lots more! Enjoy πŸ˜‰πŸŽ„