Episode 66

December 8, 2017

Hey guys! I today I have a f*cked up Facebook post, talked about a guy at the gym, recapped UFC 218, talked about the far left liberals, femanazis, and much more! Please check it out!


Episode 65

December 6, 2017

Jon dubbed this podcast “Rant Fest 2k17”, he talked about the new job, love, happiness, goals, falling in line, what society tells you, chasing dreams, the cult, the podcast, JC, it’s only creepy when you whisper, earth, space, and much more!


Episode 64

December 2, 2017

Jon recaps his trip to Detroit, talks about guys who waddle, a savage and disrespectful move he pulled at the gym, talks Elsagate, tries to drop some motivation, and more! Enjoy ✌️


Bonus Episode

November 29, 2017

Quick episode of ranting and talking about hopes for the podcast.

Cult members only.


Episode 63 ft JC

November 28, 2017

JC and JT are back at it again! They talked transgender, flat earthers, launching into space, fart raping, Trump twitter, maxing out race cards, Post Malone, and so much more! Enjoy!


Episode 62

November 25, 2017

Jon talks about his thanksgiving, being disrespectful, Black Friday, rude people, having a sugar momma, people who post “thankful for” and “cuffing season”, Christmas music haters, Facebook and music, and much more! Enjoy guys!


Episode 61

November 22, 2017

Jon talks about people getting punk’d by doors, talks about how a real scary movie would go down, gives his full opinion on Thanksgiving and that dry bird, calls his bros for assistance, and more! Enjoy 🦃


Episode 60

November 20, 2017

Jon talks about being in a funk lately, millennials, Trump tweets, unemployed people, a interesting man’s take on religion, girls and the word “crazy”, and more! (Apologies for the lack of humor tonight) Enjoy 😉


Episode 59

November 17, 2017

Jon rambles A LOT in today’s episode about his trip to see Chris D’elia, licorice scented urinal cakes, shitty chairs, shitty movies, shitty drivers, the cult, and much more. Enjoy!


Episode 58

November 15, 2017

Jon talks Trump twitter, GQ man of the year, fucked up Instagram posts, stupid Instagram ads, annoying tweets, people that knew you growing up, and much more! Enjoy