Episode 61

November 22, 2017

Jon talks about people getting punk’d by doors, talks about how a real scary movie would go down, gives his full opinion on Thanksgiving and that dry bird, calls his bros for assistance, and more! Enjoy 🦃


Episode 60

November 20, 2017

Jon talks about being in a funk lately, millennials, Trump tweets, unemployed people, a interesting man’s take on religion, girls and the word “crazy”, and more! (Apologies for the lack of humor tonight) Enjoy 😉


Episode 59

November 17, 2017

Jon rambles A LOT in today’s episode about his trip to see Chris D’elia, licorice scented urinal cakes, shitty chairs, shitty movies, shitty drivers, the cult, and much more. Enjoy!


Episode 58

November 15, 2017

Jon talks Trump twitter, GQ man of the year, fucked up Instagram posts, stupid Instagram ads, annoying tweets, people that knew you growing up, and much more! Enjoy


Episode 57

November 13, 2017

Jon recaps the Brendan Schaub show and what it was like meeting him, talks about an Apple conspiracy, sleezy guys and why they are trust worthy, pictures you took that your ex will use for Tinder, fucked up Instagram posts and much more! Enjoy! Please rate and subscribe


Episode 56

November 11, 2017

Jon talks about people that hum, people from Kentucky, why Florida is overrated, kids getting a bird high in high school, more Tyrese news, real creepy tinder messages, wearing skin, and a fucked up Instagram post! Enjoy 😉


Episode 55

November 6, 2017

Why weddings are weird to me and why mine will be lit. A post about age difference in relationships. Would I take a bullet for my girl? The Texas shooting, and much more. Enjoy!


Episode 54

November 3, 2017

(Turn volume down on phone) I did a recap on what happened on twitter, also talked about gym pet peeves, and why the cult is now calling people dillas, I also ranted about a few things 😂 enjoy, rug rats!


Episode 53 - JC

November 1, 2017

Hey my cult! Today we talked about the NYC attack, I announce my official ending of being a Browns fan (for now), we debated sexual assault vs being offended, St Eds vs St Ignatious “Holy War”, gross Halloween candy, and much much more! Rate and subscribe 😉


Episode 52

October 30, 2017

Jon talks stupid scary movies, a Vin Diesel car commercial, his opinion on Barstool Sports and ESPN, gives his opinion on stupid Instagram Halloween posts, and more randomness! Enjoy 😉